Timeless style in Linen - Summer Dresses and Casual Favorites

Flax is one of the oldest plants cultivated on earth. It is an ecological natural fiber that thrives in low nutritious soil. Flax fibers are used for manufacturing linen materials. Flax needs less water to grow than cotton and endures pests better than cotton. Bast plants like linen, hemp, jute, and kenaf grow well on areas that are not suitable for agricultural purposes. Farming linen also cleanses toxic heavy metals from the soil.




Linen material has several good qualities. Linen is extremely breathable, it has a beautiful shine and it is durable. Due to the hollow structure of the flax fiber linen is highly absorbent. While linen absorbs the moisture well, it also releases it fast resulting in the comfortable and cool feel on the skin. Flax fiber doesn’t endure bending well, which is why linen material wrinkles easily.

Linen clothes and home textiles are easy to care. They can be washed in 40-60 degrees and ironed with high heat. The typical attributes of linen are rustic and natural feel and structure, and thus are most appropriately used for casual clothing and accessories, bed linen, and home textiles.


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Linen has an important and stable role as material in LILLE’s collections. For the Designer, linen is a fascinating and inspiring material. Many of our linen garments have become the everyday essentials and customer’s favorites, that keep their style from season to season. 

Linen dress is the timeless classic for summer. The summer dress that has both casual and elaborated feel to it is our Kukka Shirt Dress. You can wear it as a dress or as a tunic with a pair of pants. Choosing ecological clothes to your summer wardrobe is easy, because they are really comfortable to wear and timeless in style.


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