We want to create garments for a need

– not to create needs.


That is the core idea of our business – concerning the design of the products and manufacturing of them. Instead of predicting what customers want to wear next year, we want to take a new approach.


We are asking what you want and producing them afterward.

By using pre-order items, we are making this possible.


How does pre-order work?

  • you order the product and size that you like from the pre-order selection
  • you pay the product when making the order
  • the product is manufactured for you individually based on your order during the following weeks
  • you can follow the different stages of the production process
  • the product will be shipped to you as soon as it manufactured, in approximately 3-4 weeks
  • we offer free delivery and return for pre-ordered items
  • if you are not happy with the product after receiving it, you can return it within 14 days


The benefits of the pre-order:

  1. More sustainable way of shopping
  2. We use certified materials
  3. Products are designed to last
  4. Designed for circularity
  5. Individually produced
  6. Less cutting waste
  7. Less energy consumption
  8. Fewer emissions
  9. No surplus stock
  10. Free delivery and return


All you need to do, is wait for the product to arrive a bit longer than usual. After all, we believe that it is worth waiting for your timeless favorite garment, which will then accompany you for many years and several wears.


Waiting is an ecological act 

We offer you an individually produced garment with a personal service. You can follow the production process of your garment, and you know where and who is making it. We want you to be part of the process and help you understand the complex nature of the process. This way is easier to understand the value of the garment. If we truly want to act sustainably, we need to do it together. We have re-designed the traditional production model – all we ask from you is to wait for a bit longer. It is worth waiting for something good.