Re-Thinking Fashion

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Re-Thinking Fashion


According to recent research*, 70% of the environmental impact of garment production is generated during the production phase. 5% of the impact is caused by the transportation, logistics, and retail phase. 20% of the environmental impact is generated during the use of the garment, and 5% during the recycling or disposal. The number of garments produced in 2000-2015 has doubled. At the same time, the average number of clothes used has decreased by 36%. During 2016-2019 the profit margins of the world's leading clothing brands declined by 40%, most likely due to low-priced fast fashion, over-production, and dead stock.


Clothes are produced even more, even cheaper, and the number of times they are used, is lower than before. All this has a massive negative environmental and social impact.


We want to offer another kind of alternative. We believe that producing less items but better quality is the way of the future.


That is why we have renewed the fashion production model.


The Pre-Order model is our solution for providing even more sustainable fashion. We want to reduce waste, environmental impacts, and the energy use. We want to prevent the creation of surplus stock and encourage to make considered choices. We want to provide the most sustainable solution for acquiring new garments – when needed. For this reason, we have turned the traditional production process around and want to place the focus on you. We provide style inspiration and alternatives, but you decide what we produce.


Only according to need.

No extra waste.

No extra energy use.

No over-production.


Permanent collection

Besides the Pre-Order selection, you will be able to find our most treasured classics in the SHOP section. These are the seasonless essentials that are part of our permanent collection and will be delivered to you from our stock immediately in 2-3 days. With the selection of permanent basics available for immediate delivery in the SHOP section and the PRE-ORDER selection with style inspiration for each season, you will be able to create your mindfully curated wardrobe to last for a long time.  

Our collections are thoughtfully designed and are full of life-long classics. LILLE products are the building blocks of timeless wardrobe-essentials. These products don't wear out by changing seasons. They are made to last; from season to season, and year after year. The quality materials and timeless style will appeal again and again.


Explore our PRE-ORDER selection here.

 Explore our SHOP selection here.


* Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Circular business models: Redefining growth for a thriving fashion industry (2021)