Love and Care

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Love and care to make it last


Our products are designed to last and to be worn time after time. However, it is up to you to ensure the long life of your garment by washing and maintaining it with care. Here is some advice for you to help prolong the life of your clothes and make them stay beautiful for longer. 



  • Consider your purchases. Buy only items you need.
  • Buy less, but better quality
  • Invest in timeless wardrobe essentials
  • By buying quality products, you increase the times of wearing the garment and thus make a positive impact on the environment


  • Wash the garment only if it is needed
  • Hang your garments regularly in fresh air
  • Turn the garment inside out for washing
  • Use only the necessary amount of detergent
  • Consider using laundry vinegar, instead of fabric softener
  • Use a laundry bag for gentle materials
  • Wash gentle materials and colors separately
  • Close all zippers and other rubbing items before the wash
  • Follow the suggested washing temperature. Lower temperature saves energy.
  • Don’t use tumble dry for gentle clothes
  • Hang your clothes to dry right after the wash
  • Straighten and shape the garments before hanging to dry
  • Dry knitwear and knitted materials flat, and store them folded


  • Repair or use mending services to prolong the life of your garments


  • If the garment isn't fit for an office use anymore, it is often suitable for home use or for summer house


  • If you need a garment for only one occasion, consider renting it. Some of our products are available for rent through our partners.


  • If you can’t come up with any use for your garment anymore, you can resell it or donate it to a new owner.