Sustainability as a guideline


Our products are designed in Helsinki and responsibly manufactured

in Europe, mainly in Estonia and Finland, using carefully selected

European fabrics.


In the creation of our products, we place a special emphasis on an excellent

feel of the fabrics and long-lasting design and materials. The clothes are easy to

wear and care. These are our cornerstones.


The design process starts from the selection of material. Natural materials are close  to our hearts. We are constantly looking for better and more sustainable choices to ensure long life for the garments and also enabling reuse and recycling of the material. 





We aim for mindfully designed styles that hopefully become The favorite garments for our customers and are worn for years to come.


We want to create timeless styles that last from season to season. Building blocks  for conscious woman's wardrobe that can be combined with the previous purchases.


Our production partners are long-term artisan professionals who manufacture each piece with love and pride. As our production takes place very near to Helsinki in the Baltic Countries, we are able to visit and meet with the production personally regularly. Many of them have been working with us for several years. 



Our guidelines are:


  • We use responsibly manufactured, high-quality European materials.
  • We prefer natural materials, and alternative ecological material choices.
  • In design process we emphasis timeless design, longevity and versatility.
  • We produce in small quantities to avoid excess stock.
  • Our production takes place close in Estonia and Finland.
  • Our production partners are carefully selected and long-term partners.
  • We advice for responsible product care to minimize the carbon footprint, and maximize the lifetime of the garment.
  • We offer more sustainable delivery choices for webshop orders.
  • Deliveries are packed with recyclable paper and cardboard packages avoiding the use of plastic.  


“Our hearts beat for creating the experience of everyday luxury.

We live and breathe for simple and timeless design with a sensual edge.

Our philosophy is an honest, consistent and relaxed way of life -

the laid-back Nordic lifestyle.



We hold on to transparency, simplicity, and quality in all our processes.

We believe in sustainable choices and creating products that stand the test of time.”


 - Kirsi Lille, Founder, and Designer