Responsible Materials

Responsible materials


The starting point for each design is the material choice because we want to make sure the product has longevity. Natural materials are close to our hearts. We are constantly looking for more sustainable alternatives to make sure our choices are reasonable for the environment and enable the long life for the garment and the recyclability after use. The cornerstones for choosing materials are aesthetics, timelessness, durability, comfortability, and functionality.


When choosing materials, we emphasize excellent feel of the fabrics to ensure that the clothes are easy to wear and care. We use responsibly manufactured European materials. Half of our products are from mono-materials, meaning that they consist of only one fiber. Mono-fibers are easy to recycle because they don't include other fiber types. Over half of our products are made from biodegradable materials. Products made from blend materials, including synthetic and natural materials, are approximately 40% of all products. The synthetic fibers used in the blend materials can help the durability and comfort of the garment. In our webshop you will be able to see the origin of each material and the certifications.


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